Managing Director's Address

I am thrilled to be part of the educational team of a life impacting institution as Great Faith International School. Great Faith has dedicated and talented teachers who are motivated to help every learner achieve their goals and aspirations in life. This is evident when one looks at the high STAR scores that continue to improve within our few years of existence. One of my goals, as the managing director, is to support and promote the established foundation of collaboration between teachers, and further promote the highest degree of education for every learner, ensuring continued growth. We are fortunate to have a strong community at Great Faith International School. I am overwhelmed by the amount of support and pride i see every day from our outstanding parents, learners and staff.
I firmly believe in open and meaningful communication between school and home. My door is always open so please take the time to stop and say hello. I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you during the course of the year, and to our prospective parents, we look forward to being part of your child's education and moral upbringing. I am honoured and humbled to lead this Great Faith School. We will continue to work hard to make the Great Faith experience a tremendous one. The heart of any school begins and ends with the people who enter it every day, from the staff, to the learners and finally their families.
As managing director, I will work to build a community where each and every one of those people, when asked where they work or attend school, will respond with a sense of pride in stating: Great Faith International School.

God Bless you all.


School Administrator's Address

Welcome to Great Faith International school; a school established to meet the passion of all parents and guardians on raising the total child. At this point in time, God has deemed it necessary for me to be a part of the educational team of this Great School. I am indeed honoured and humbled.

GFIS, is basically a Christian school with strong empahsis on Christain Virtues, academic excellence and sterling leadership qualities that will make our learners stand out from the crowd.

At GFIS, every learner is regarded as a unique learner with innate abilities which only need to be be developed. We do know and understand that the formative years of a child's life are the most important years of learning, which is why we strive to do our best to make a difference.

This we do through pastoral care and qualitative instructions based on modern facilities with dual curriculum-Nigerian and British. Individual creativity and self-confidence are encouraged through multifaceted exposures and Montessori methods.

I am delighted to invite you to a child-friendly environment; internationally approved by British standards; poised to satisfy your longings for your wards!

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child's educational experience.

God bless us all.